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Winning Photo

Evening at the Port – 3rd Price at the NOVAS of 2013

I have always been taking pictures in my spare time but I became more serious about photography after I retired from an IT Senior Manager position at a pharmaceutical company.

I joined the Sweetwater Camera Club in Douglasville, GA and participated in many of the monthly competitions winning from Honorable Mention to 1st place several times. My winning images were published in the Chapel Hill News and Views (a local publication) and displayed at The Photo Spot in Douglasville, GA. In addition, many of my images were displayed at various local art exhibits. One of them, Evening at the Port,  won 3rd place in November 2013 at the  NOVAS (National Open Visual Arts Show) sponsored by the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville, GA.

I take pictures of many different subjects while traveling and at home. Flowers have been of special interest to me as well as cityscapes and landscapes. I like taking photography to the next level creating different views of my images using various digital techniques. I enjoy creating jewelry, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards using my images, and photo albums telling a story of a travel or family event.

In order to improve my shooting and post processing skills, I read many books, attended workshops and watched many on-line videos. I use mostly Photoshop Elements for the post-processing of my images, but recently started using Photoshop CC along with different plugins and add-ons.

I like to travel ‘light’, so most of my pictures were taken with a point-and-shoot camera that was always with me and a “bridge” camera when in photo field trips. Lately, I started taking pictures with my phone (replacing the point-and-shoot camera), but I still need some practice in order to feel comfortable with it and post any results.

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