I enjoy using some of my pictures to create greeting cards, mosaics and jewelry and give them a practical purpose.

Greeting Cards

Crtn-IMG_7340 Crtn-IMG_7341

I create personalized greeting cards for Christmas and birthdays, for family members and friends  as well as general cards that can be used in many occasions. My cards may have only one image or a collage of several images. Here are some examples:


This is based on an image that went through several transformations. The images below show the transformation, from the original to the mosaic. Lately, I created more mosaics/mixed media based on my pictures. Please click here to see the all images.

Mosaics - Transformation Mosaics - Mosaic Transformation


Encouraged by a friend I started using kaleidoscopes and orbs in creating necklaces and pins.

Jewelry - Necklace